OS- 120K Coffee Roasting Machine

Energy Requirements


Capacity Features

Energy Requirements Dimensions Capacity Features
Fuel Type Maksimum Minimum
Diesel 15 kW 140 kW
Natural Gas 20kW[2 m³/h] 150[15 m³/h]
LPG[1 Burner] 11 kW 15 kW

Capacity Features

Coffee 120-200 kg/h
Roasting Time 30 dk
Boiler Capacity 120 kg/h

OS - 120K roasting coffee beans in a perfect and delicious way.Minimum 120 kg maximum 200 kg coffee can cook.Motorin LPG and natural gas fuel types can work with the roasting process. Coffee roasting machines are PLC controlled and show compatibility according to the desired and required environment. twinoroasters.comBoiler motor, cooling fan motor, 2 cooling fan motors, air transport motor, waste collection cyclone motor has 6 engines. There is a synchronized roasting and cooling system and high-density mixing arm. Computer controlled roasting system with automatic feeding loading hopper and automatic product loading and unloading system are available depending on the user's request. can work with.

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